Sunday, December 16, 2012

Prophets a Brave Hero and MORE!

Sorry, I have gotten a bit behind on posting my lessons, hope that hasn't stopped anyone out there who may be doing the journey with us!  We have had a fun and busy week of CHRISTmas parties and more fun Christmas celebrating!! 

I love this sweet Picture of Caroline and her friend Max...

Caroline making her Rudolf!

I even got a sneak peek at Jack at his party 
(parents aren't allowed at these parties)!

The girls having some fun with our friend Achol!

Friday was filled with more Christmas celebrations including a Christmas performance at The Neighborhood School.

 After that we were off to see Molly Cate at her party.

They made sweet sugarplum houses and even Caroline got in on the fun! Earlier that morning she told me she wasn't ready for Kindergarten and always wanted to stay home with me. (Awe!!)  I think this was an incentive that Kindergarten can be REALLY fun!!

We LOVE Molly Cate's teacher!!! She is such a blessing, and as I reflect on her and her love for her students I feel honored that we have her in our lives!!!

Saturday morning we were off to Sebastopol, MS to visit Ken's family.  Jack enjoyed seeing everyone and enjoyed checking out Colin's game....

The kiddos had a blast playing outside, while....

the adults solved world problems inside!

Later it was time for a tractor ride!

Needless to say Ford and Jack were unhappy to get off!

This horse must have told Ken something super funny!?!?

How Pretty!!!

 I think Jack will be excited to get his own big boy pair of boots for Christmas!!!

Gran with Jack and MC!

Ok, so if you are here for Jesse Tree and not my family history....
Here ya go.....
Three more to get you on your way! I hope to be back Tuesday morning with the final 7!!! Whoop Whoop!

I also found this list of Christmas books on another blog....and on this blog she shows how she wraps up the books! What a cute idea!! Something to do next year!:)

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