Sunday, October 7, 2012

Yaaaba daba doooo

Just because I can't think of a better post title.

....and because that's what I wanted to yell when my camera started working again.  My blog hasn't gotten much TLC mostly because my camera was broken.  It had a weird something going on that I just couldn't figure out.  Its been about three weeks or so since I realized I had an issue, but last Saturday morning I prayed asking the Lord for something silly and stupid....asking if I could just figure out this silly camera so I wouldn't have to spend 100s on getting it fixed.  I turned it on, and IT WORKED!! As silly and dumb as it is He really cares about the simple things, and I know He knew how upset I was about the thought of spending a lot of money to just fix something! Hip Hip Hooray! All is well....praise the Lord!

A quick run down via iPhone photos of our life this past month....

My little tennis player! 

We had a great time one Saturday exploring the train park in town.

My Grandfather also passed away this month, which was sad although I know that he is no longer suffering and is joyfully celebrating Jesus in heaven.  While I was gone to his funeral I missed Caroline's first day of school, but it was so sweet to hear from her teacher how kind she had been to a we celebrated....

My big boy had his first day of preschool.....

The girls have also been playing soccer...which is a hoot!!!

Fall also seems like a good time for craft fairs and festivals, we hit them all up when we can.  My children enjoy anything with animals.  Jack and I rode the ponies while the girls hour and a half in the petting zoo. I think I owe the farmer more money since my girls stayed 5x longer than most children.  I'm trying to convince Ken we need to move to a farm!

We also hit up the little cars....Ford was there too...see him behind MC?

We spent another Saturday in Oxford....always a fav...and another place I would move to if Ken just said the word!

This is fancy night.  Yes, we had a fancy dinner night.  The girls like to dress up in my old dresses, so they wanted to dress "fancy" for dinner and they needed me to join in the fun.  The dress I'm wearing barely fit....its from Jill's wedding circa: 2005

This is just because I think she is soo stinkin' cute...even when she makes these faces...for the record, she really wasn't mad.

Yep...ALL boy...He's into EVERYTHING!!! Markers on his feet don't surprise me one single bit!

Miss. MC and her precious teacher Mrs. Jones. at their school's fundraiser.

Another fun night with my girls....Disney on Ice! I was happy to be accompanied by Rapunzel and Cinderella!!

Who else??? Llama Llama Red Pajama!! Do you have these books? They are super cute!

Last but not least my little morning helpers.  Here they are helping out with some fall decor for the porch.  I think I love fall just as much as spring.  The weather here has been much cooler! I'm loving that! 
Happy Fall Yall!!!

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  1. Yay for your camera being fixed!!! If you want to live on a farm come on down to Mayberry!


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