Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A dream is a wish your heart makes....

....when your fast asleep!! 

It's that song that keeps playing in my head after a magical trip to Disney two weeks ago! We had a few bumps in the road (Caro got a stomach virus), but overall it was a wonderful trip!!! 

Some quick info and tips.  No, I'm not a Disney pro and I don't plan on being a Disney blogger....although there are many people out there who are very talented in doing that.  I even scoured their sights to get as many tips that I needed.  But after our maiden voyage to Disney I feel like these are the most important things that worked great for us and that we liked....

*Touring Plans: AWESOME! We had 2 days that we did not stick with the plan (mostly b/c of Caroline being sick) and on those days we did not get to do as much as we would have liked to.  The two days that we did sick to the plan it worked beautifully.  My advice here is to literally plan out every detail on touring plans (even potty breaks).  The phone app is wonderful, and lets you optimize your plan as you go....just in case you decide to stop for an extra snack or need to change a diaper.

*Autograph Books:  This had to be one of Molly Cate's (age 6) favorite things!! Any autograph book will do, but I ESPECIALLY LOVED these that I found on ETSY.  You can customize it how you like. All the characters raved over these and I know the kids will treasure these little books as they look back over the autographs and pictures.

*Dining Plan: It was easy to figure out, and we had no worries about what we were going to eat or where we were going.  Our sit down meals were reserved in advance and it was always easy to find a quick service spot.  The price was cheaper than paying as we went along. Our sit down dinners were  at: Boatwrights, Mama Melrose, Cinderella's Royal Table, The Garden Grill and The Crystal Palace.

*Magical Express:  When I found out that the Magical express would pick us up from the airport and take us straight to our hotel and that THEY would claim our bags for us I was SOLD!! The thought of gathering 4 pieces of luggage, 1 double stroller, 1 singe stroller, carry ons and 3 kids makes my brain feel a little weird. We literally walked off the plane, leisurely ate some lunch, got on the magical express and arrived at our hotel. Our bags came about 2 hours later and were waiting in our rooms!!

*Afternoon Naps: We ALL needed an afternoon break! It was refreshing to come back to the room and rest for a while.  We were able to enjoy the night time activities better because of this! 

When we arrived the girls were thrilled to be staying in a "Royal Room".  This room is at Port Orleans Riverside, and it is meant to be a room of Tianas. 

The kids were also excited to have a little surprise waiting on them!....Thanks to one of Ken's coworkers!

The biggest surprise was that Mimi and Pop were also coming to Disney World too!! The kiddos were very happy to see them!!

Disney even knows how to make dessert time more magical!

Day 1: Hollywood Studios

This day was a bit of a bust because an hour after we got there Caroline got sick....I do not have one picture of her from this day! SAD!:(

Before she got sick we did get to ride Toy Story Mania..which was a whole lot of fun! After Toy Story we went to the Disney Jr. Stage show, thats when I knew she did not feel well at all! After she got sick my sweet parents took her back to the hotel to rest and get better.  

Ken and I stayed with MC and Jack. We met quite a few characters and ate a yummy lunch...oh...and rode Toy Story AGAIN. 

Buzz and Woody had a great time playing with Molly Cate's Jessie doll!!

Jack was not impressed with Buzz or Woody, I think it was their size!

Back to the hotel for a rest and to check on Caroline!

That night Ken stayed home with C while the rest of us went back to the park for dinner and Fantasmic.

Molly Cate enjoyed having a "magic" picture made with Minnie!

Fantasmic was a great show and very different from other shows.  It was a bit scary for Jack, but I just walked him around during those parts.

Day 2....coming soon

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  1. Looks like an awesome trip! And taking grandparents long, I'm finding, is key to everyone's sanity.


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