Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Meet the Teacher...Round 2!

My two youngest babies had meet the teacher today!! I am so excited that they will be back at the same preschool that we have been going to since Molly Cate was 19 months old! (The exact age Jack will be when he starts!)  Their school is precious and I'm so thankful that all three kiddos have now

Caroline was first! She was excited to have the same teachers Molly Cate had and was excited to be in the "cat" class!! She was a little unsure about all the picture taking.

She did ask me on the way to please tell her teachers that she did not want to write her letters today.  I saw in her folder that she successfully wrote the letters in her name...hopefully with out any complaints to the teacher!?

When I asked her how it was when I picked her up (she was only there an hour), she told me GREAT!! She said that they went outside and snuck up on a deer, Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Bailey were able to pet the deer first then all the kids got to.  I seriously doubt this happened.  Caroline tends to make up tall tales and embellishes a little.  I like her wild imagination!!

Jack was next.  He seemed to be excited about playing, and was ok with being there.  I guess because Caroline and I both got to stay and play in the room with him for a while.  He was pretty much all smiles, and I pray it stays this way next week when I really do leave him (for only 1 day).

I'm sure these two will also have a great, fun filled pre-school year!! I'm very thankful that all three kiddos have loving, Christian teachers!! 

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  1. All these Littles are growing up so fast! Looks like your precious ones are doing well and you've got a great little school there.

    I loved the Kinder shots and quotes. Oh my, I would have been a mess. Ah, such is life.

    Good luck this school year.


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