Saturday, August 11, 2012


It's here!
She's Ready!

She took an apple to the teacher.

She found her desk.

Her supplies are all put away.

And she has met her sweet, precious teacher that we have been praying for!

She asked me if I could leave her, needless to say she LOVES her new class and school! She may be a little disappointed next week when she only gets to go one day! I know it will be a great day though!! We're ready for KINDERGARTEN!!


  1. Too cute!! She will love Kindergarten soo much and you will too!!!!
    Love the glitter toms;)

  2. Love her sweet smile. My little on starts kindergarten tomorrow. She is very excited.

  3. Can you believe our "babies" are going to kindergarten!?! My how time flies! MC is such a big girl. I know she will have a fabulous year!


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