Thursday, August 9, 2012

Love Notes

Yesterday morning everyone woke up to a special love note from Ken.  We love finding these notes...especially the girls.  They were quick to find out which note belonged to them.  They were so excited to see their name written out and a hand written note from their daddy.

These notes from Ken remind me of how special I am to my heavenly Father and the love note He has written me through the Bible! Every morning His note waits for me!  How I yearn to see what He has written me!

I'm so thankful for my sweet husband who takes the time to write these simple little notes of love to each of us! What a sweet way to start the day! 

When the kiddos all sat down and got their notes, I told them to hold their notes and say cheese.  Look carefully at the picture....

Obviously Jack thought I said NOSE!! TOO CUTE!!


  1. This is so precious. Thanks for sharing this sweet moment with us & for the reminder that our heavenly Father writes us "notes" as well. And I am cracking up at Jack holding his nose!!!

  2. That last picture is TOO cute!!!


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