Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Our Most Favorite Book

This book has been our favorite for our kids for about the past three years.  I can't remember when I exactly bought it, but it was right after I read about it HERE.  I would love to tell you how many times we have read through it, and re-read and re-read, but I can't  The girls have loved it and guess what?  So have we...maybe even more than them! The words are beautiful and the pictures fabulous.  This book is different from any other of its kind.  The words seem to be just right for little ones and even us big kids.  It speaks right to your heart and grabs you from the get go.  It's a storybook, its the story of our rescuer, it's the Bible! It's the Jesus Storybook Bible! 

 Have you heard of it? 

Our's is falling apart...

But the truth inside remind the same!

Last night we finished it again, 

and tonight we will start all over....

I recommend this Bible all of the time to everyone who asks.  A few of you readers out there had been asking which Children's Bible we like....this has been our favorite by far!! You can find The Jesus Storybook Bible HERE.

I pray that this will be a Bible that will teach your children about the never stopping, never giving up, unbreaking, always and forever Love of God!

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