Friday, May 4, 2012

The Barber Shop Field Trip

On Tuesday Jack and I headed off to the Barber shop after dropping the girls off at preschool.  Not only was it Jacks first time to the barber shop...but mine too!  His bangs had gotten a little too long for dinner time.  

I think at this point I was about to cry!  He was wondering what was going on!!??

Checking out the new do....

The barber shop has some interesting decor including stuffed animals like ducks and deer, and this handy dandy hair cut chart in case you need some help in finding a style. I hope Jack never wants to go with that "bowl cut" at the bottom. The poster says "Hair Cuts of Today", but I distinctly remember seeing a picture of my dad when he was little with that flat top cut!

As the men came into the barber shop for their cuts I realized they weren't leaving after they had their hair cut, they were sitting down and hanging out.  So, Jack had to join them after his cut.  Although, the men were not doing too much talking.  Maybe since I was there?  Maybe Ken should had taken him on this manly adventure?

Although Jack didn't share with the men any secrets, it was nice to see this sign...HA!


Jack was super proud of his new do, although I'm still trying to get used to it! 


  1. I hope barbershops make a come back but who knows. I've been going to those discount salon places for so long. I went to a barbershop probably 30 years ago. Hot lather and a straight edge razor trim is an experience I miss (not the price).
    The last shot of Jack is priceless. You need to save that one for his future girlfriends.

  2. Looks like such a little man with his new cut. Love it! Where is this Barber Shop? The atmosphere seems so neat!

  3. Love that cute little grin!

  4. Precious! Just precious! He is too cute, enjoy every moment like this - they grow up way too fast! :)


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