Monday, April 23, 2012

Princess for a Day!

Caroline will be four next week, and to celebrate she had a Disney Princess party! This was so much fun, because not only were all the little girls dressed up but some of the sweet girls from my life group dressed up as well....oh, and I did too! 

 Me with my princess girls!

The birthday Girl making a frame!

Getting some makeup put on by Sleeping Beauty!

Princess Molly Cate and Belle!

 Fun with makeup and nails!

Me and my Prince Charming!

Tiana with Princess Ella

Princess Quinn showing off her nails!

Having fun outside!

Me and my little frog prince!

Story time with Rapunzel

All the sweet Princesses!!

A little shy about everyone singing to her!

Caroline with the Princesses!

Cousin Ford was there as well to enjoy the fun!

Princess and the Frog!

Happy Birthday Sweet Caroline!


  1. Looks like a wonderful party! I love all of the princesses and girly things. Four is such a fun age.

  2. Totally CuTe!!! Looks like yall had a blast!!!!!

  3. And, can I say I cannot believe C is almost 4!!!!

  4. Oh I just love this sweet party! You all look very cute:)

  5. That is SOOO cute! She's getting too big! Everything looked adorable! We have GOT to get together and play soon! You made the perfect Snow White :)!

  6. The two cutest Snow Whites I've ever seen! And the "frog" is too cute! Both of my girls loved looking and the pictures, and Kathryn is now requesting a princess party;)


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