Friday, March 2, 2012

This, That & More

The month of February has kept us quite busy, and despite it supposidly being a cold month God has blessed us with some really nice and pleasant days!! 
Making many handmade creations has kept us busy!

We have started our very own salad garden! So far the plants are sprouting up well!! 

Jack has actually been enjoying playing "baby" with his sisters...I don't expect this to last very long!

Creative, messy hands!

We had oranges so...we made our very own fresh squeezed OJ! The girls thought it was too tart...but I enjoyed it!

MC worked super hard on all of her very own handmade Valentines! I was so proud of her for writing out "Happy Valentines Day" on all of them along with who they were to and from her! This took a while but she completed them all!!

These two crack me up at how much they are looking alike...they are like twins born 4 1/2 years apart!

After Pre-School on Valentines day the girls enjoyed reading and looking at all of the cards and goodies they received! 

More art creations!!

We also too a little field trip downtown to visit the Peabody Ducks....

and to eat at the Little Tea Shop!

This was a warm day...C literally dug in the dirt for about an hour!

This little dude now says cheese as soon as he sees me pick up my camera!! Just imagine a cute little voice saying, "CCCHHHHEEESEEEE" in this picture!

I loved that I caught MC playing so sweetly, and quietly! Her sister was the one who had everything perfectly lined up! Strawberry Shortcake and her friends must be able to see exactly what they should wear!

We also got some special time with Grandparents!! We missed you POP!

And last but not least some outtakes of us playing at the park with the kids! It was the perfect afternoon for some fun!!
We praise you Lord for sweet memories made with our kids everyday! What a blessing they are to us at every moment!!

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