Sunday, January 1, 2012

In tWeNtY-tWeLvE we will GROW

Last year we chose the word Delight for our word of the year.  The main reason this blog falls under that name as well.  I will not be changing blog names AGAIN because we will continue to delight.  We have delighted in many blessing this year, and we praise God for all of those blessings.  He has lavished us with the blessing of a third child, a son.  A little guy that has brought us lots of laughter and fun.  His smile is contagious and his sisters love him dearly..we all do.  We have delighted in our family and how the dynamics of another child can change many things. I get frustrated on some days with the piles of laundry and the food crumbs everywhere, but I take great delight that I have that laundry and those crumbs to clean.  We delight in the healing power of Jesus, we delight in the joys of life He gives us like a cool spring day or prayer time with our family.  We delight in the life He has given us, how fragile it is and how thankful we are for one another.  We delight that He loves us so much that He gave His son for us.  We delight in salvation! There are so many things that I could go on forever!

Now that we have started 2012, we must choose another word.  A word that we hope will define our year and what we hope to accomplish.  We have decided on the word GROW.  We know that physically we will grow older and our kids will grow developmentally.  As a family we want to grow spiritually.  We want everyday to be focused on God and how He chooses to grow us.  That  is a little scary for me to type.  To just say..."Ok, Lord...Here we are....grow us!"  We are asking Him to use us, mold us, do with us as He pleases.  As I type this...I think..."Do we mean this??" We do. So here we are January 1, 2012...committing to GROW...
in love
in joy 
in peace
in patience
in kindness 
in gentleness
in faithfulness
in goodness
in self-control

After we picked this word I found this little picture.  I made it a few months ago, not even considering that GROW would be our word.  I'm excited to now have this sweet little plaque as a reminder of our goal for the year!

Blessings and Happy New Year!


  1. you blogged again? i'm amazed and happy.

    grow, i like it. and such a lovely picture you made.

  2. Following you from Layla's party-glad to meet you-stop over for a visit!


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