Monday, January 9, 2012

Filling My Love Tank

Everyday there are little moments that make me smile, as I am sure it is the same for you and those you love.  Sometimes it is easy to take these little things for granted and forget so quickly about those sweet, special moments that God gives us.  Today I am loving...

Praying for our meals

Warm red cheeks after a long nap!

How much this girl loves her brother....even if it is the 500th time that I have said do not pick him up.  Looks as though he doesn't mind!

Watching my boys play with boy toys!

Making necklaces with my girls!

Loving my big girl helpers!

Enjoying shopping....Actually enjoying the shopping trip would not be possible without the extra help from the hubs!

Waking up to this and a peacefully quiet house with all the little ones snoozing! 

Happy Monday!


  1. Hello Ashley!
    Thanks for visiting the Café! It was equally as fun to find your blog - I LOVED this post, so.......... sweet, in fact I sent a link to my daughter who also has three little ones, I knew she would enjoy it and identify with it so much. It makes my heart leap to see that you love our dear Lord and are committed to Him! Keep putting him first and all will go well whether it looks like it from the outside or not! It will be well ......... with your soul!
    So nice to meet you, Chris


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