Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fall Break at Water Color {Part 2}

The pool and beach are such nice place to be mid-October...The high was around 82-85 and the pool was heated. The ocean was a little cool, but playing and digging in the sand was sooo fun! That is exactly what we did the whole day on Tuesday!

On the bike ride back we stoped for a sno-cone treat at Frost Bites...YUM...and a little dancing in the streets!

Tuesday was also the 14th anniversary of mine and Mr. Nice's first date!! Crazy huh! Our first date was in 11th grade! Here we are before our date at Bud and Allys..

After dinner we met up with the girls and mom and dad at the beach for more kite flying!

Wednesday was filled with more outdoor activities including fishing....

playing in the butterfly garden...

After that Sugar was pretty worn out..

Later on Wednesday night the girls found a treasure map that led them to the beach and two treasure boxes filled will jewelry and coins!! This was very much Spice said she could just cry her eyes out...ha ha!!

One more post and I think I will have covered everything!:)

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  1. hey ashley! wow! looks like a great trip! so pretty! and i love and will copy the little treasure hunt!


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