Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Break at Water Color {Part 1}

I think going on a beach trip in the fall can be a great thing, especially when the weather was just as perfect as you can imagine! This past week we have been with Mimi and Pop at Water Color and enjoying every minute.  There are so many things to do here our days have been packed and fun filled!

After a drive from my parents house we were all excited to get to the beach on Saturday..

 The first thing the girls did were explore the house (including the bathtub) and outdoor areas.

The girls cooked dinner the first night while the boys watched the football game.

After dinner we went to the beach bonfire to make smores and checkout the beach!

Sunday morning we were off to the pool and beach to play and explore! Riding our bikes were our main means of transportation everyday.  The girls loved it and Mr. Nice and I got plenty of excercise...especially him since he was pulling some extra weight!

Monday was another day of playing and fun.  Playing on the playground and kicking the soccer ball were lots of fun.  (don't let Spice fool you...the weather was perfectly pleasant, not freezing as it may seem since she is decked out in a velor jog suit!) Later, Pop and Mr. Nice took the girls on a canoe ride..the first for both girls.  After the canoe ride Mimi and I got the girls and headed into Seaside the ajoining town to shop and eat lunch.

After afternoon resting we all went out to dinner at Stinky's fish camp and then off to the beach for a little kite flying!

As you can tell our days were jammed packed with lots of fun!! More to come...

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  1. Oh my goodness! Your family is precious and it looks like you had a blast on your trip! Thanks for posting all those pictures... they are great!


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