Friday, October 15, 2010

Where My Kids At??

We have had a very busy week...not sure what all we have been doing but we have been busy! Have you ever had a week like that? We have been preparing for a beach trip, but not until right here at the end of the week.  So, this is my post picture of the week....

While Mr. Nice and I each were off doing something around the house I guess we both thought that the other was in charge of the kiddos.  Little Sugar took full advantage of this and decided to practice her artist skills....yup...that is red paint! (washable poster paint!)

At the time I was not a happy camper, but I did have enough calmness to think to take a picture. I gave her a bath while Mr. Nice cleaned up the evidence! Oh the joys of children, I know one day when she is 25 I will wish that I had paint to clean off a little 2 year old face.  Thank you Lord for this child that is teaching me patience everyday!

(Psss..see my water cup?? That may be a collectors item someday! Our Alma Mater Ole Miss...The University of Mississippi has not had a mascot in a LONG while...yesterday they announced our new one...The Black Bear....let it soak....yeah...crazy huh???)

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  1. Ashley! How are you feeling? Your blog is so cute and so encouraging. I had NO IDEA that Jill Lamar was your sister in law! I went to high school with Trey! His little brother, Vance, was in my class. Small world!!!

  2. Ashley is my great friend that I always think you might know...and the one aching to have some Ole Miss pics taken someday soon, too! I'm feeling an Oxford trip is in order!!


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