Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall Break at Water Color {The End}

Thursday and Friday were spend poolside and beach side trying to catch the last snippets of summer like weather.

We also spent Thursday and Friday playing, eating, and having as much fun as possible!

Last but not least, a few of my favs from the week....Lots of them! Yes I was our family's personal paparazzi, and if you are not a family member you probably could care less about looking through all of these pictures.  They are mainly for grandparent entertainment!:)

 Thank you Mimi and Pop for a WONDERFUL vacation!:)

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  1. I am family... Not a grandparent... I enjoyed them.

  2. I SO enjoyed them, too!! Especially the bump look A-dorable, as usual.
    Miss you!!
    PS. On the way to trick or treat last night Annie randomly asked..."Where's Molly Cate?" Awww, so sweet- she missed her trick or treating buddy, I did too! :(


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