Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Past and Present

We had a fun halloween with the girls as usual, but lets look back at some fun memories..
I had to do a little digging in the archives, but I found them...

Halloween 2006 - Spice at almost 5 months dressed as a Duck

Halloween 2007 - Spice at almost 1 1/2 with her buddy, Matthew dressed as a cheerleader

 Halloween 2008 -
Sugar at 6 months dressed as a Banana
 Spice at 2 dressed as a Monkey (these costumes were all her idea!)

The whole fam at Mr. Nice's office party.

Halloween 2009 -
Sugar at 1 1/2 dressed as a Flower
 Spice at 3 dressed as a Bumblebee (again..her idea)

 The whole fam again at the annual Halloween office party.

Halloween 2010 -
Spice at 4 dressed as a Cowgirl (aka: Jessie)

Sugar at 2 1/2 also a Cowgirl

Our 2010 Pumpkins...

Hope your trick or treating was fun!

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