Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hard to Believe...

...that this little peanut can cause me to feel so nauseated and tired. I'm not trying to be a complainer, because, yes I know how blessed I am to be carrying a sweet, precious, healthy baby! This baby has made me feel a lot sicker than the first two.  I have eaten odd things, not because I am craving them, but because nothing else sounds good at the time.  For example: I fried pickles one moring at 9:30....that is what sounded good to me....weird huh?? Tuesday I wanted beef jerky, and last night my husband mentioned the drink Clearly Canadian, and my mouth started watering. Do they still make that drink??

More about the ultra sound was taken a week ago.  When the baby was measured they decided to change my due date to February 5th.  Which pushed it back 4 weeks later than what I thought, but now the date is not as close to Christmas. After my appointment I took the pictures home to the girls, they were thrilled and excited to see their baby.  Since last week Spice has been lugging this frame around everywhere we is cute I must say!

One other you nickname your baby when in the womb? My sister-in-law has named it muffin for now, but I think I need some more feedback.  What should I nickname the "baby"?
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  1. Could it be there's a little guy in there? Pickles and beef jerky sure sound like manly cravings to me! I am so excited for your growing family!

  2. Love Stella Rose7/08/2010 6:42 PM

    so adorable..I am hoping to have a little peanut soon myself :) but all that fun sickness and craving not so much!

  3. If you find Clearly Canadian anywhere you better tell me!! I used to LOVE that drink!!! Hate you are feeling bad. I had it too...gummy bears and bread was all that ever sounded good to me!

  4. I think I had an icee every day and movie popcorn WAY too much! I actually drove up to the theater one day at lunchtime, bought popcorn and got back in my car. Boy it was good!
    My sister called the baby 'skeeter' while I was pregnant. Troy wasn't so keen on it but I thought it was cute. We had to refer to it as something other than baby!
    Hope you feel better soon!

  5. I'm with you on the third making me sicker...yuck!! Hang in there, you're getting towards the end of the rough part!!
    You around Monday, Tues or Wednesday of next week?


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