Friday, July 9, 2010

Working at the car wash...

Washing the car is a great after dinner, keep 'em busy and wear 'em out activity! The girls had a great time filling up the bucket and making suds. 

They also had a great time hosing down the car!

And hosing down each other!

It was very hard sharing this fun toy!

The girls learned they could make rainbows!

Some more chasing and spraying...

Spice quickly learned this was not a good idea!

Sugar enjoyed making some mud!

Spice decided this was good enough for a bath!

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  1. how fun!!! sweet memories for your girls!!! (and you too!)

    your pictures are great as always!

    LOVE Sugars facial expression holdin' that hose.. and Spices sittin' on the bucket!!

    Had a great time swimming the other day! Come back soon!

  2. hahaha! Does you car wash crew make house calls? My car sure could use it!

  3. too cute! My 4 year old daughter loves to help daddy wash his car!


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