Friday, July 2, 2010

Beach Trip 2010

I hope the next time I blog about a beach trip is not 2015 because of how the oil is destroying the Gulf of Mexico! Although we heard much hype about oil leading up to our trip, we really only witnessed it one time.  The only way to describe it was clumpy, black, mudlike stuff.  It really is sad what is happening and the potential to what could happen.  We must all remember to pray for the entire Gulf Coast region during this time. 

Despite the one sighting of oil, we had a wonderful time this year!  The weather was just about perfect and we tried to enjoy each day out in the sun.  We were mostly poolside because Spice was very worried about the beach and oil and did not want to go near it after only one trip.  She said it smelled (it only smelled like saltly seaweedy smell).  Overall the fish girls got A LOT of swimming in!!

My favorite highlights in pictures...
The only pictures I have of Spice at the beach

More fun in the sun!

Fun at Bay Towne Wharf:

Seeing our buddies at the beach is A LOT of fun too!!

Sweet afternoon treats were always on hand!

Date night was very much appreciated!!

Last day fun at the pool, the Lanignappe, and making family pictures!

Thanks Gran and BoomPa for another wonderful beach trip!

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  1. Looks like yall had a great time!! I'm a little jealous ;) Love all the pics...especially the family pics on the beach!

  2. Such cute pics!!! Love the close up of your little guy! I love all their coordinating outfits - so sweet!!

    I tried out your cookie dough cupcake recipe. One word: YUM! Posted about it too ;)

    Happy 4th!


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