Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness Week!

This week is the national "Random Acts of Kindness Week"! Each day our family is trying to do an act of kindness for someone else...something we should do EVERYDAY, not just during a particular week. There are TONS of ideas and if you need some help you can visit the Acts of Kindness website HERE.  Yesterday we were trying to think of what we would like to do.  I had planned on making us chili and a chocolate pie for dessert.  I had enough ingredients to make 2 pies, so we thought it would be nice to share one with an elderly couple that lives across the street from us.  Spice was super excited to help make the pie! This would make the 4th pie of its kind that I have made in the past week! It is SOOO easy, yet SOOO yummy!! You can find the recipe on one of my favorite blogs HERE. We had a great time together making the pies and then walking them over to our neighbor.  Spice was so proud!

Do you have an idea for a random act of kindness? Let me know your ideas and if you are joining in during Random Acts of Kindness Week!:)
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  1. I'd love to give that little, precious cutie a big squeeze and eat that entire pie please as my random response to an act of kindness! :)

  2. Here's one small thing that Lily Grace and I have done. (and I will be honest, we haven't done it while it's been cold and that shouldn't be a factor but it is honest) On garbage days, we go out to pull our own trash cans up and then do the neighbors to the left and right of us. I like to remind her that we are so blessed to be able to stay at home and enjoy the day together while others go to work and that if we can help in some small way to end their day with one less thing to have to do then we should. It's not much, but like I tell her, one less thing to think of and she enjoys doing it. And you know, one day we came home and one of our neighbors had done it for us out of the blue and it did put a smile on my face.
    And just so you know, if you get too stumped for ideas, you could always bake us a pie. HA! HA! Your assistant is a real cutie!

  3. Random Acts of Kindness.. love that idea. It is just so nice to surprise someone with a little love. I hosted 20+ 2nd grade girls at my house to make valentines and little banners for Army wives whose husbands are deployed in Iraq. They are alone and not having a vday this year. So, we wanted to show them how we appreciate them as strong women and as heroes too. I don't know any of them; but I do hope they are surprised. Love goes a long way, don't you think? Love your blog....:)


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