Thursday, February 18, 2010

Colorful Delight

My friend posted the other day about these cute little crayons they made from crayon scraps and we just had to try it out! First Sugar and I found all the broken crayons and peeled all the paper.  She enjoyed this a little too much, because when she finally caught on to what I was doing she started breaking more crayons! We put them in our 50 cent muffin tin we found half off in the $1 section at target and followed Amy Lauren's directions found HERE.

We had a great time coloring and drawing with our "New" crayons when we were through!

I may invest in one of these next....

You can find it HERE. Happy coloring!:)
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  1. That's pretty cool!! Looks like a lot of fun :)

  2. hi ashley!! i just got your comment on my blog so I thought I would check your out!! I LOVE it! Did you design your blog? I want my layout to look like yours but just have not had the time to research the how. I refuse to pay someone :) I may link you to my blog roll if that's ok!

  3. Great! And I love MC's M shirt!!!! Good job!!

  4. hi ashley! i am so glad you became a follower so i was able to find you! i love your blog and just became a follower! i am looking forward to reading! and i will be copying the crayon craft! thanks for sharing!


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