Friday, October 16, 2009

Flashback Friday

In an effort to catch up on all the great things I need to blog about that I haven't I am going to start doing flashback Friday...when possible! So join in if you like!
Ok, this flashback takes us back to the month of August...this one is just for you sis-in-law!!
In August we hit the beach with the fam for a most wonderful vacay, and on the ride home we caravaned part of the way with the Lamars.  At one rest stop for gas and breast pump batteries my SIL decided we needed to take an action shot. So, here ya go...gas station action by Jill and Mr. Nice! This is just the kinda fun we always have! I know people think we are crazy!!

Dohave something fun you forgot to blog about, well you can be a super blogger and FLASHBACK!


  1. I love it!!!!!! I feel like a celebrity! Glad you added in we needed some breast pump batteries!

  2. Oh, how much fun they must have had growing up! That didn't look like the first set of action photos for Jill and Mr. Nice. Can I go to the beach with you guys next year??? Looks like so much fun!

  3. Love the idea of Flashback Friday. Your subjects weren't too bad either.


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