Saturday, April 18, 2009

Week Recap

I am just now getting around to posting Easter pictures, we have been a little busy this week doing this....

Sugar and Spice got this as an early birthday present. We are ALL so EXCITED about having something fun to play on in our back yard. As some of you know our yard has been a thorn in our side for the past few months, well, actually since we have moved in. We are just now getting around to working on our yard projects, but for now this is a sunny spot on our yard!!:)

Last Saturday we joined Gran and BoomPa at their church for an Easter egg hunt. The girls had a great time, and found lots of Easter eggs!

We are always excited to get packages around here, especially when they are from Mimi and Pop!

On Good Friday, Nanny, Aunt Carole, Uncle Petty, and Aunt Sandra came over for a quick visit!

Spice was surprised to see that the Easter Bunny ate the carrots she left out!(totally her funny!) And, yes, those are prepackaged carrots...hopefully this was not an organic only-food, bunny! HA!

Exploring Easter goodies...

Some pretty pictures before church. It was so cold, and their dresses are covered by their sweaters.

We had a wonderful Easter weekend, and we are humbled by the true meaning of what that weekend represents! Indeed He has risen!!

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