Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Is this Illegal??

OK, so guess what? Sugar is sick! Poor baby! Hasn't she been through enough in the past week!?Last night she was vomiting and this morning she has a fever! Let's just pray this is a virus! So, you know how kids want A LOT of TLC when they are sick? Well, what are you suppose to do when your other kid needs something too, like breakfast??? I think this might be illegal, but Spice insisted on eating the leftover frosty in the freezer, I was trying to sooth Sugar and help her feel better at the time, and a meltdown is NOT what I needed! So, I gave in, and Spice had a frosty for breakfast, yes, that is right! Oh well! We can makeup tomorrow with a whole grain Kashi waffle with no syrup!

No Tiny Talk today b/c of illness, so just enjoy this older post from when Spice had her first virus! Click HERE.
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  1. A frosty for breakfast?? I'm lovin' it!!! If only Wendy's was open at 7 am!!!

  2. A frosty for breakfast makes you the coolest mom ever! ;D


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