Monday, April 13, 2009

Multiple Kid Monday! Shower Time!

I have had friends that were about to have their 2nd child ask, "When do you take your shower?" I laugh at first, then say, "Whenever I can!" This year since Sugar has been born I just have to do it around her schedule. I TRY TRY TRY, to get my shower before they get up, but since I have 2 early risers (usually before 7) I get my shower after Sugar's morning bottle, and right before Spice gets up. If there would have been a camera ANYWHERE near the shower this morning, I would of snapped a picture of what the girls were doing as I showered. Here is how this morning went down:

1. Sugar up and feed her, her bottle

2. Contemplate, should I get in the shower now, or get one after I walk?? May not have a chance after the walk, so better do it now, oh well if I stink all least in the back of my mind I can say I HAVE had a shower.

3. Hop in the girl's shower. (I had taken our curtain down to wash)

4. Sugar sits on bathroom floor playing with bath toys and occasionally peeking at me behind the curtain. Meanwhile I am shampooing as fast as I can.

5. Doorknob turns...Spice is up....I start to panic...I don't want her to open the door where sugar will crawl out...I start yelling, "Hurry! Come in!! Close the door!!!

6. Now showering as fast as I possibly can!!

7. I hear reading...Spice is reading to Sugar, I peek from behind the curtain and Sugar is sitting there so sweetly in front of Spice just listening as she "reads" a book with every single bath toy scattered around them! Aww..ok maybe I will have time to rinse out this shampoo!?
I'm not sure how Wendy from Mommy Times Four does it, but you can check out her funny shopping experience HERE.


  1. I just came over to check out the 7 Layer door hanger. You have so many gorgeous projects going on here, I love it! I'd love to link to some of your projects if you didn't mind-they're great!

    "in the back of my mind I can say I HAVE had a shower." This made me laugh SO hard. I totally do that too. =)

  2. I remember these times so well!! Part of me says I am so glad not to be there, but the other part of me REALLY misses my sweet babies (now 11 and 15) being around 24/7. They are so busy off with their friends...doing their own thing.

    Two nights ago, we rented a movie as a family and when my sweet eleven year old, Bo, curled up right next to me, my heart melted, and I did not ever want the movie to end. IT WAS THE BEST!!! Treasure these precious, precious times.




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