Monday, April 20, 2009

Cinderella the Ballet

Saturday night Spice and I had a "Girl's Night Out"! It was so fun to get dressed up and do something together. Our first stop was Chili's (her choice), she wanted to go there because they have corn on the cob. When we were there she did so great! We sat in a 2 person booth, and she just sat right across from me. I must admit my feisty little Spice acted quite like the little lady! She did make one funny comment that I will post tomorrow. So after dinner we were off the The Orpheum to see Cinderella put on by Ballet Memphis. Did I mention that it was pouring down rain??? Because of this I took my exit too early. (if you live in the Memphis area, you want to be sure not to take a wrong turn, you might end up in a questionable area!) Spice was a little worried. I suppose because I kept talking to myself saying, Oh No! Thank goodness for modern technology; I was quickly able to get us back on the right road. Like I was raining...raining like cats and dogs!!! By the time I got us parked and into the theater my pants were wet almost up to my knees!! We went to the bathroom, got ourselves back together and went to find our seats. The seats were amazing, but I was also a little apprehensive about where we were sitting, we were very close to the stage and in the middle of the aisle. There were also 2 adorable elderly ladies at the end of our aisle. If you have ever had or have an almost 3 year old who still has potty accidents this is not a very good situation. Most moms like me would rather be in the back on the end. As I said the seats WERE amazing, and I can not complain because they were given to us, so I said a little prayer that Spice would behave and this would all be good. Was is good??!! It was wonderful!! I actually enjoyed the show because Spice was so captivated by what she saw she stayed pretty still for the most part. She loved clapping after each scene, and seeing all the pretty costumes. Her favorite were the ugly step-sisters! I do have to say I am very thankful for two intermissions and skittles! We were able to take two potty breaks to get us through, and we bought some skittles for a I might have bribed her a little! :) Again, we had a fabulous time, and I can not wait to be able to take Sugar with us when she gets bigger!


  1. So sweet! I know it's a memory you will both cherish.

  2. How wonderful to have some time together just the two of you! I'm sure Spice will always remember it.

  3. we went to see the ballet Cinderella too and just the other day I took Annellise and her friend Julia to see Beauty and the Beast...Beauty and the Beast was WONDERFUL and much better than Cinderella so if you have a chance take Molly Cate to see that one! (Cinderella was TOO long in my opinion..HA)


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