Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tiny Talk Tuesday

As I mentioned yesterday, Spice and I had a girls night out on Saturday night. As were were enjoying our dinner, two other laddies sat in the booth behind Spice. Apparently they were having a ladies night out too! Now, imagine Spice sitting down at kid height. She turns around to look behind to see who sat down. (not sure where she got that nosiness from???ha!) I wasn't paying too much attention to the girl, but only noticed that someone was sitting there. Spice then says (in her outside voice), "Mama, why does that lady not have on any clothes???" Appalled, I look up from my food to see the girl behind Spice with bare shoulders. I laughed out loud and told her that she had on a shirt called a tube top, and those shirts do not cover your shoulders. She could not see the top of the tube top, so it was so hilarious to look at the girl from how she was looking at her!! She really did look like she had no shirt on!! HA! The picture is not very good, but I tried hard to get it from her view.


  1. That is cute..we need to be reminded often how to view things from a child's perspective.

  2. Spice keeps me entertained, I gotta tell ya. LOVE the ballet post - that is so something my Mom would have done with me! Don't do that much with Josh....


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