Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Message Board Project

You have seen these everywhere! I have been wanting to make one for some time now, actually since September 2007!! That is when I got a great issue of Cottage Living that featured an Arkansas couple's living spaces. There are many things that the editors featured that I liked, but the message board stood out the most! Maybe because the huge ornate frame paired with such a simple chalk board? Or maybe because I am a former teacher and what teacher can't resist a chalkboard? Anyway, I have been in search of the perfect frame at the perfect price. I found one at a good deal at a local antique store for $20.00. I knew I wanted to paint mine so color was not a big deal. So then I gathered my supplies:

*Sanded plywood cut to fit frame, 1/4" thick (I got mine at home depot for around $7.00) /they cut it for me for free!
*Spray paint
*chalkboard paint
*little frame do-dads (not sure what they are called!)
  1. Took the mirror out of the frame I bought.

  2. Spray painted the frame.

  3. Painted the plywood with chalkboard paint (I did 4 coats)

  4. When it dried I attached the plywood inside the frame.

Some Tips:

*a hanger was already on the back

*do not paint on a windy day (I have a little tree debris on my board)

*I wish I would have also used the magnetic paint

Overall this was an EASY project, I should have done it sooner! I love it because it is hanging in our breakfast nook of our kitchen! We have used our board to write verses on so far. I'm sure this will be a fun, creative outlet for us to write notes to each other on! What would you write on your board?? Please comment and give me some ideas!


  1. Love the chalkboard! And love the Arkansas couple's house. I "borrowed" this issue from Matt's mom, because I loved that home (especially the chalkboard and all of her indoor/outdoor fabrics that she used inside!). That's when I bought the chalkboard hanging in our den. It's not as pretty b/c it doesn't have a frame, but it's still fun. I love yours. Great job!

  2. I really want to make one of these! I love the frame you chose.

  3. Loooove it.

    I was thinking of making one of these several months ago, but couldn't figure out where to get the chalkboard insert. Chalkboard paint! You're a genious, Ashley. I may just steal this one from you.

  4. I saw this at your house last time and loved it....had no idea you'd made it. I've wanted a long one to put on the wall in our kitchen where Grant's swing used to be, but i haven't been able to find one. I'll be making one now. I never would have thought to do that...and for another idea....handpaint pictures (flowers, swirls, etc) and the kids' names on them and hang it from ribbon (if you just use the plywood alone). I am definitely going to have to make one for the girls' rooms and the playroom now that I know how easy this is! Question....which plywood did you buy? I bought some wood at Lowe's the other day, and I was surprised that there are several choices...choice overload!

  5. Great minds...
    that is crazy. We copy the same :) I love it!!


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