Saturday, April 4, 2009

Shopping Saturday

Don't you just love anything embroidered?? I do! As I have mentioned my Mom and Dad gave me a new sewing machine for my birthday. Last night I sat down to attempt to embroider a pillow. I was so excited to do this, although it was 10:30 at night!! I got everything set up to go which took a while, as the sewing machine started I just held my breath, thinking..."I know something bad is going to happen and these pillows will be ruined! After a few stitches it made a funny noise then my needle BROKE!! Ahhh! I panicked! The good thing was that I was able to cut away all of the stitches and save the pillow. The bad thing was this all took about an hour and I had nothing to show for it, but a blank pillow and a broken needle!! :( I will be posting as soon as I get this figured out!!

In the meantime check out this embroidered eye candy! Click on the picture to view the item.

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