Sunday, April 5, 2009

Good CLEAN Spring FUN!

We have been doing what you might say ..... "Spring Cleaning" around here. I did not plan this cleaning craze out, which I usually do If I am going to tackle the things I have been tackling for the past two weeks. I just started cleaning out things, reorganizing, and it felt good! Do you feel that way when you reorganize something?? I do! I am not naturally organized, so I have to try VERY hard at being and staying organized. Doing it is OK, but keeping it that way...that is hard!! So what have we been cleaning???

Let's start with the yard....
Mr. Nice has been hard at work literally ripping shrubs, trees, edging, etc out of our front and back yard. Do we have a plan...NO! All we know is that our yard needs some TLC, and we want a fun place to hang out and play with our girls. Our yard has MANY issues that I will not get into, but if you feel the need to enter us in some sort of yard makeover we would surely not debate! After working hard last weekend Mr. Nice and Spice did have a little fun with our drainage problem at the end of the drive. I think I remember Him saying, "Let's make lemonade out of our lemon!"

Ok, kids closets....
This is so hard, one is in a new size every few months and one likes to make a wardrobe change every few hours...I just can't keep up. I don't want to get rid of the baby clothing, because I think what if we have another child??? I did separate clothes into a few different piles...KEEP...CONSIGN...GOODWILL...THROW AWAY. Spice was the only contender with throw away clothes. Please don't get mad at me for throwing clothes away, but this girl can really wear out a white shirt!!!! This is still a process as well, and if ANYONE has a great way to organize kids clothes, PLEASE comment!

THE CAR!!!!!
OK, if you are still reading this post, and you still continue to be my friend after you read this...I LOVE YOU, and you are my BFF!! This is my black hole. Things get put in my car never to be seen again...I kid not!!! I found so much STUFF, JUNK, and YUK in my car. Specifically in the backseat, but I can't blame this only on my kids I also had stuff up front with me too! Ready to read what was in there....
Socks galore, a rain coat, 3 blankets, a coat, 5 passys, $3.50 on the back floorboard, a box of mashed potatoes (I had been to Costco the day before and had forgotten to get them out). 3 My Little Ponies, 3 baby dolls, toys from the Target $1 bin, a Tinkerbell purse, 4 diapers (clean), 1 package of wipes, crayons, many other knick knacky toys, a bouncy ball, Martha Stewart Living, US Weekly, (I promise I'm not reading and driving!), 2 sippy cups, random snack crumbs from A LONG time ago, piece of sausage from a sausage biscuit (yes...this is where I will allow you to click out and never be my friend again if you wish!) I'm sure there was more, in fact there was some more! I feel better now after that little confession, and I feel much relief to car is clean.!!! I did have a happy little helper, who was content to play with the toys I found and watch from the wagon.



My bathroom closet.....

This was an easier and more fun task, considering I had bought some cute little baskets to get all organized. I have to admit I am not completely done with this job, but I hope to finish tomorrow. I did realize that I live with so many things I do not need!! It is utterly RIDICULOUS!! Why does one person NEED 11 different lotions??? Although I did not buy all of these lotions, most of them were given to me. I have several different scents, one for a natural tan, one for a little shimmer, one for stretch all this necessary?? I need one lotion that smells good, gives you a tan, adds some sparkle, and can help with strech marks!

The Garage....
After my car adventure I tackled the whole garage on my own. It too is not perfect, but it has a little more order to it. It was another thing that was bugging me and I just could not stand it any longer! I threw away a lot of old school stuff(I am a former teacher), I am giving some away to a local school, hope to list some of the good stuff on EBAY, and sold a stroller on Craigslist! AHH to feels so good!

Today in Bible Fellowship class my husband talked about the HOME (the HOME actually being your HEART). We discussed things that might be secretly hiding in your "closet" (mind or heart) that are hindering you from using your gifts or your full potential to glorify Jesus. Our yard has been a dirty job, and confessing sins and getting them all out there can be dirty and hard to do, but it will make you feel so much better to lay them at His feet! The clothes in the closet and bathroom closet have been confusing to organized just like it can be when we are trying to figure out what God wants to use us for...what is My Purpose? much time do I put into this, or this, or this???! The car and the garage just made me feel better to get it done...I knew what needed to be done, it just had to been done! Once your purpose for God is figured out you will want to get it done...not for you, but for Him!

So, I am doing spring cleaning, not only in my house but in my heart.....what is my purpose?? What is God calling me to do?? Am I glorifying Him??

Joshua 24:15
"If it is disagreeable in your sight to serve the LORD, choose for yourselves today whom you will serve: whether the gods which your fathers served which were beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you are living; but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD."

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