Monday, April 6, 2009

Cross Craft

This is an easy little craft that Spice and I did today during Sugar's morning nap.
All you need:
*wax paper
*crayon shavings
*hand towel
*hole puncher
I'm sure you have made this little craft as a child, maybe as a bookmark or another shape. I thought it would be nice to make a cross since we will be celebrating Easter this weekend!
1. Draw out cross on the wax paper (it does not have to be perfect, because you will cut around those lines later.) Make sure your piece of wax paper is double the size of your drawing. (you will overlap it in a minute)
2. We used a veggie peeler to make our shavings then sprinkled them around on top of the cross.

3. Then I folded the wax paper over, all of the shavings will now be between your piece of wax paper.
4. I placed the wax paper on a hand towel, then folded the hand towel over to cover project. 5. I then ironed over the towel (this was to protect my iron and ironing board.) **there may be a better way, but this worked for us.6. After it cooled off. I cut around the lines that I had drawn.
7. We punched a hole, tied the ribbon, then hung it up.
8. Wa-La...easy, pretty art!:)

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