Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Spice is starting to understand timelines and the order we do things in. Many times if she is getting frustrated about when something is going to happen like go to the park, we usually say this:
“Here is the deal, we will first eat lunch, then go to the bathroom, get the wagon, then go to the park.” Using this method she has quickly come to understand that some things are not immediate. She now likes to also come up with her own “deal”! For some reason she first likes to say…
“Let me tell you the truth!”
“Here’s the deal…”
As she points to her fingers she goes through her things she would like to do…
“First we will have a snack, then we will get some gum, then go to the bathroom, then we will go to the park!”
It is really funny to see her getting the concepts of an order, and it is really funny to see the things that are important to her…like gum!!!
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  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog today to leave such precious words of encouragement. Thank you also for lifting prayers on behalf of our family.

    You have the most beautiful smile!! Your pictures on here are darling! How I miss when my kids were young. Lauren is 15 and Bo is 11. I love the ages they are now, but I do miss when they were so small and with me all the time. Treasure every moment, sweet friend. They go by so fast!

    Thank you again for encouraging me today. You blessed me so!!

    In Him,



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