Wednesday, December 31, 2008

'Twas the eve of the new year.

'Twas the eve of the new year when Mommy had not blogged
Not any holiday memories had even been logged!

The fun had been had, gingerbread men and houses baked
Even something sweet for Baby Jesus, of course, his Birthday cake!

The girls had worn all their Christmas best
And Mom and Dad got to visit friends at a wedding fest!

The decorations were up, the house all aglow
Favorite ornaments hanging from branches below.

MC singing "Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, jingle all the way..."
C cutting teeth, pulling up, and being oh so brave!

Our friend Snoopy, sitting in his plane got a visit almost every night,
The stunts MC and Daddy do almost give Mommy a fright!

Sugar's first Christmas, memories made and fun times had..
Boxes, bags and tearing paper, isn't quite so bad!

Spice, oh what fun she had this year,
Seeing The Singing Christmas Tree tops fun things so dear.

We traveled from North Mississippi to the south, and a few places in between
Everyone so dear and near to out hearts, not enough are they seen!

So, as we have quickly approached this new year of 2009,
We hope your Christmas was, and New Year will be more than Divine!


  1. So cute! I am glad you had a wonderful Christmas and happy New Year. The kids are peeking over my shoulder at the blog and are estatic to see MC. We can't wait for school to start back up!

  2. Good to 'see you' again!  I was beginning to think you didn't survive the day of paint on the floor.  Everybody loved their stationery gifts so thank you again!  Happy New Year to the Anthony Family!

  3. Love all of the pictures and you are such the teacher...your phonemic awareness abilities amaze me!!! See you soon!


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