Monday, December 1, 2008

Ever have one of THOSE days????

Well, it has been one of THOSE days! Going into the morning I knew it would be a great day, we would get back into our normal weekly routine, and things would be good. Normally, Monday is the day we stay home and regroup for the week. I do laundry, MC plays, C does her baby thing, and we usually do a fun art activity. With it being the month of December, we were going to start on some Christmas activities. Spice had other things in mind.....
Playing with paint cans.....

After watching the video, you might think, WOW, you sound calm. That was only thanks to my husband rushing home to help, and my sweet friend Morgan praying with me on the phone after which she had given me paint removal advice.

But wait, there is MORE…… Just when I thought the day was back on track, kids sleeping, and laundry going. I looked in the washer, and there freshly washed was Mr. Nice’s iPod!!!

Ruined PJs covered in paint 8.00
Ruined Keds covered in paint: 28.00
3 Ruined towels covered in paint: 36.00
1 can of paint thinner: 5.00
1 new can of primer: 20.00
1 new iPOD: 149.00
Total for a completely exhausting day: 246.00
Learning to roll with the punches: PRICELESS


  1. Because...because...because!! you poor on earth did you get a chance to email me???

  2. The song "When I call on Jesus" was playing on your blog as I watched this pricless video. I think one day you'll cry and laugh when you see how precious MC looks and sounds in that video. She is a treasure and I love her. This too shall pass. You are an awesome mom, even on the "less than priceless" days! I love you!

  3. Oh, Ashley! This makes the Stine household in all of its craziness look tame. I've been there and had those days, so I feel for you. You handled that in stride and as Jean always says, "didn't step out in the flesh." What a parenting memory that you'll have forever!! It's awesome that you videotaped it will laugh so hard in about 20 years.

  4. I sat here shaking my head and laughing at the same time.  Classic one of THOSE days!  If you look at MC just right, that white thing behind her looks like angel wings - hmmm.  At least you caught her before the brilliant idea of cutting all her hair off!

  5. Oh, aren't kids fun? My mom was just reminding me the other day of the time my sister and I came up with the brilliant idea that mom and dad would love a fresh coat of paint on the side door. After painting (sloppily, as only a 5 and 7 year-old can) the door we spilled the paint all over the concrete porch.

    Hopefully this is your worst painting fiasco. And you have a memory you will all look back on a laugh... especially about Molly Cate's ruined bra. Ha!

  6. Oh! I can't wait to show this to Robby! If it was Caleb doing it, he would have a fit. If Molly Cate does it, he would give her a hug! I feel for you--now when i am having a bad day I will think about that and realize its not that bad.

  7. I understand your email a bit better- yikes! I feel you though...sounds like our food coloring day a few months ago. Bless your heart, good thing you thought to get that video...although I'm not sure I would have settled down enough to do it!! Great job momma!

  8. Here is my song to you...
    "Oooo, child. Things are gonna get easier." I love you and I am glad you called me!

  9. Oh, friend! This is awesome and classic MC! What a funny thing! It is one of those moments where you just want to laugh and cry at the same time. I'm proud of you for putting it on camera. This will come in quite handy someday when Molly Cate's child does something to her own house and she calls you for advice! Thanks for sharing and giving me a smile. Makes Isabella's haircutting debacle seem not too bad. Did I tell you that story??


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