Friday, November 1, 2013

October Wrap UP!

Wow! October is already over which is crazy hard to believe!?!

We've had so many fun fall activities, I've decided to fill them in all one post!

Caroline had a really fun hayride and pumpkin picking party....

We also got to go to Jack and Caroline's open house......

Guess Who???

Next we were off to Caroline's room....

Jack visiting with Mrs. Cathy!

We had two fall parties last Friday...
One with our prayer partner from The Neighborhood School...
David and Caroline....

The 2nd was Ken's office party....
Jack was in wild form thanks to no nap!!!

Saturday morning we were up and out again for Jesus Loves Memphis!! This is such a fun time and even more special since we were back at The Neighborhood School!!

Saturday night we had a neighborhood party and the local policeman came to check in on us and pass out stickers!!

Dress up at gymnastics! Can you spy the girls???

Enjoying the afternoon together!!!

Yesterday we geared up for a little Trick or Treating, we were thankful the rain ended and we were able to get out of the house!

Our neighbor was sweet to take a family picture for us in front of her giant pumpkin!!

Munching on some of the goods!

She counted every piece...55! Oh MY!!!

Today we did a little relaxing at the park...Oh Fall...I wish you could stay longer!!!!

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