Friday, September 20, 2013

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This is my lazy way of getting caught up on the blog....

Instagram, the lazy bloggers best friend....

MC has been doing well at Piano and is loving her weekly lessons with her teacher.

Our town had their yearly arts and crafts festival that was a whole lot of kids loved the rides...I loved the crafts...we did not love the heat! 

MC had her first show and tell of 1st Grade, so she thought Molly would be a good choice.  Let me just say this child is so organized...unlike her mother.  She laid their matching uniforms and bows out the night before.  I'm usually getting everyone dressed at the last minute! HA!

This was not an Instagram picture, I think I was too embarrassed to IG the unhealthiness....but I must confess I do LOVE some fried pickles!!!

This little guy is having a hard time sleeping past 5:45 AM!!! Sometimes we can get him to sleep until 6:30, but I usually have a buddy meet me for some Bible time before I finish up in the mornings!

I try hard to wear him out during the day, but I think I'm the only one worn out! HA!! I guess thats life with little boys!

Last weekend I had some sweet time with my new life group.  These girls are all in 11th grade, and they are just precious!! WOW! To be an 11th grader again!! I'm really enjoying getting to know them will be so fun to see them grow in the Lord over the next two years!! Im praying this verse over them:

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul and with all your Mind."  Matthew 22:37

I pray that they and I will take this verse to heart, because through this and from this EVERYTHING else will flow!!

These cute!! They were so proud of themselves for getting a bath and getting all ready for bed and even fixing their hair "fancy".  They really can be sweet to each other!

This big fella rode with me to school, and yes I realize our dog looks like a large pony riding shotgun....but I think I hope he is full grown at this point.  He is 9 months old surely....RIGHT??

 I had a little time to myself this week and got to work on a painting.  Crafting of any kind truly relaxes me.  I just love it.  I would love to reopen my ETSY store at some point with fun craftiness, but I need a 48 hour day! 

This little pumpkin is my friend Tracy's.....isn't she the cutest!?!?!

Another non IG photo...but have you updated your phone?? Not sure what I think yet.  I think I'm getting old, because change is hard!

Have a happy and fun weekend!

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