Friday, September 6, 2013

First Days:Round 2, Three Little Indians and an Update

My littles do not start school until after Labor Day every year.  Which has its pros and cons.  It helps us establish MC's routine before the others start, but the other two were ready to start they days in between consisted of lots of activities to keep them occupied and busy!!! 

This year Caroline is in 5T!! This is like Jr. K.  MC was in the same class, and it prepared her so much for Kindergarten! I'm so happy that C could be in this class too!

Her and her sweet teachers.....

First Day....

Jack was way to busy for a picture with his teachers, but he was still for a second for a quick picture before his first day!!

We had a surprise visit last weekend from my parents which was a real treat!! Pop and Mimi came bearing fun gifts and a project for the kiddos!

Meet my three little indians....

Yes...we have a kids sized TeePee staked out in the front yard!!!
Watch out though because this little Indian Chief is large and in charge!

Im not sure if teaching my kids how to make a fire was a good idea or not?!?!

We were all so happy to spend some sweet time with Mimi and Pop!!!

An UPDATE:  My mom's PET scan revealed no cancer in organs, etc...PRAISE THE LORD!!!!

A MRI did reveal three more tiny spots on her back.  She is now going through a few radiation treatments for this.  We trust in God's will completely and the power of prayer.  Please continue to pray for her as she undergoes this process!!

Hope you have had a delightful week! Happy Weekend!

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