Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday Scripture

I was flipping through my chronological Bible at the upcoming passages for this week.  This verse was highlighted from another time when I had read it, so it stood out.  Honestly I'm not sure the exact reason I had highlighted before, I have no notes written beside it.  It stood out to me distinctly this time because God is really showing me lately that HE is HOLY and GREAT and WONDROUS!! He has shown His MIGHT and will continue to do so!! He is sufficient for all people, every person around us, no matter their past, no matter who they are related to, what they look like, no matter where they have come from.  He does this through Jesus.  Now those of us who have accepted Jesus have the responsibility to pass this wonderful news! We must proclaim HIS Might through the real life story of JESUS...the GOSPEL!

Happy Sunday!

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