Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Eat your Veggies

Spending some time with the two littlest today was a sweet treat.  We planned on going peach picking, but to our surprise (mamas delight) the blackberries were ripe!! Blackberries are one of my favorites!!

It took us a little time to get to the blackberries, mainly because I was not paying attention to where we needed to after lugging two kids up a hill and down a hill...we made it to where we needed to be. 

We found lots of yummy blackberries, after getting a lesson in which ones we could pick and which one we couldn't pick.  

This outing ended up being a perfect teaching opportunity for Caroline.  We discussed John 15:1-8.  How Jesus is the vine and God is the gardener.  We looked at the vines of the Blackberry bushes and how they were firmly rooted, we looked at how the branches were securely attached to the vine and at the end of each branch there were beautiful green leaves and lots of fruit. I taught her how we must be like a branch, we must be securely attached to  the vine (Jesus) and that through that we will bear much fruit. Bearing fruit will show that we are Jesus' true disciples. 

She listened and took it all in. Then kept picking.

Finally, my youngest picker had had enough of the hot.  I think he was starting to realize this was real labor!! HA!!

After we left I asked Caroline to retell me about the vine and the branches and what we had learned about today.  She confidently told me that we stay attached to God by reading our Bible, praying and eating things that grow on veggies!! We're getting there! HA!

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