Saturday, February 2, 2013


Yep, my baby boy is officially 2!!!!

Two has already initiated us pretty good!! The night before his birthday poor baby got burned on the stove, then the night of his birthday he woke up with a terrible stomach bug!! UGH! 

Everyone was good to go and feeling better by today...except daddy! He sadly missed out on the party because he caught Jack's bug!  The party must go on though!! We did have a lot of fun at a local indoor play place. The kids burned a lot of energy and had so much fun seeing their cousins! Although we only live an hour away, I always wish were were closer by to them!! They always have so much fun together!!

 Look at this sweet baby...isn't he a doll!! I really could just eat him up!!!

And this boy, he is a wiggly worm, and will hardly sit in my lap long enough for a picture! I really could eat him up....I really do nibble on his toes daily! HA!

I feel so blessed that God has given me this little guy to raise and teach.  He is so sweet and fun, he has the sweetest smile and LOVES his sisters (most of the time)! I love how he says "Homie" = hold me, gives sweet hugs and constantly keeps me wondering what he will get into next!  


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