Friday, December 7, 2012

Still Traveling on our Jesse Tree Journey....Are you??

We have really been enjoying Jesse Tree again this year! The girls look forward to opening each ornament each day! I have heard a lot of positive feedback from many of you who are also doing Jesse Tree.  One of my sweet friends Emily has been blogging about each Emily!!! You can see all of her cuteness HERE.  Her pictures are beautiful!! (She is a professional!) Go visit her and be inspired, her love for writing and sharing the goodness of the Lord is so very evident!

Most of my pics have been iPhone photos, but here are a few that I have taken along our journey this year!

The Present in The Jesus Storybook Bible is probably one of my all time favorites in this children's Bible! It is just so sweetly written!

I came across these gigantic gingerbread man cookies at Wal-Mart, the girls LOVED making them into our Gingerbread Joseph and making him a beautiful coat! On this day we talked about how important forgiveness is and how Jesus is the ULTIMATE forgiver!!!

Are you adding anything else along with your Jesse tree? Have you come up with any fun activities, snacks, etc?? I would LOVE to hear and add to my stash of lessons!!

As promised here are a few more lessons to guide you on your way....

I am praying for each of those who will lay eyes on these posts about the Jesse Tree, praying that you will be able to disciple your children in this way and incorporate this into your Christmas traditions!

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