Thursday, November 22, 2012


We have had MANY Thanksgiving celebrations around here lately.  We had two YUMMY Thanksgiving dinners...and some fun school celebrations! 

Caro and MC had their school feasts on the same day, so I was a crazy mama getting to one then the other...(so crazy I realized I forgot the memory card for my, iPhone to the rescue....)

These two girls are best buds, and although they are not in the same class this year they were excited to see each other on this day!

Me and my little Indian girl!

My friend sent me this picture after I left....Caro and Max doing the Turkey Waltz! Too Cute!

 After the first feast I was off to the 2nd... MC and her friends were playing fun games in the gym when I arrived!

Her Class......

Getting ready to FEAST!!

Precious kids reciting Psalm 100...

Me and my little Pilgrim girl!!

 Mrs. Jones told a precious story about a Turkey who wanted to be like everyone else, but realized he wasn't happy being like everyone else.  He decided to be the way he wanted to be...the way God intended him to be.  What a great story for all of us to hear! 

Molly Cate and her sweet teacher!

Having fun and being silly....

Some artwork for MC's class! I just love this picture!!!

Molly Cate's teacher sent this home, I think it sums up Thanksgiving very well!

Thanksgiving at Gran and BoomPas....

Ford was feeling "Sick"....

The little boys with Gran and BoomPa....

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