Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Day Fit For A Princess (or Prince)!

Day Two was spent at our favorite...The Magic Kingdom!!!
Caroline was feeling a little bit better, but still tired. I was happy she was up to getting out and going on this day!!

First stop...The princess meet and greet.

See what Rapunzel is doing?? She is telling Ken to come and sing a song.  I may have accidentally told her that he knew a song or two from her movie.  

The girls were so very excited to meet their favorite princess!!

They also met Sleeping Beauty...

and Cinderella!!!

Waiting patiently for Tink!!

I think it may be an understatement to say how much Jack LOVED Tinkerbell....and...

How much Tinkerbell loved Jack!!

Tinkerbell was soo sweet and cute!!! 

Next on our list...The Bippity Boppity Boutique!!

All fixed up a ready for a few rides before lunch at the Castle!
 We first ran into this crew....they were a hoot!! It was AMAZING how they stayed in character.

Jack got a lot of extra ride time while the girls were getting all fixed up!

Lunch at Cinderella's Table was WONDERFUL! Our best meal by far! We also got to meet Cinderella (again), Snow White, Ariel, Jasmine, and Aurora (again).

You can tell C was still a little user the weather!

Again Jack reeled in the ladies....Snow White blew him a kiss and he blew one back.  He wanted a hug, but he was a mess.  Snow White decided a kiss on the cheek would be better....He was thrilled!!

After lunch we rode Winnie the Pooh and Dumbo!

We thought we should go back to the hotel to rest before going back later for dinner and a few more rides! Caroline perked up when Ken found this lizard for her!

When we got back to MK that night my mom and I took the girls to Belle's Tales! This is one of the new things that has opened in the New Fantasyland! Don't miss this if you have little girls...or little boys (your little boy can be The Beast!!!) This was probably one of my favorite things at MK, it was so special and unique!

Outside Maurice's Cottage

Surprising Belle!!

MC and C got chosen to be the laughing picture frames!! I was amazed at how Belle interacted with each "performer"!!

We finished up the day with more rides and dinner! It was a very magical day at The Magic Kingdom!!! 


  1. Love, love, love seeing all of your pics!!!! It's almost time for us!! I've ordered the autographs books (thank you!) and now I need dress-up help! Where did you get the girls' adorable princess dresses?

    1. Jessica, I got them on Zulily way before we went. I can not remember the brand but they were just generic Disney dresses. The girls also wore them for Halloween. The dresses do not even have a tag saying the sorry!

  2. No biggie - they just looked comfy and not itchy like some of the ones I've seen so I wanted to check with you!! :)


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