Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Joys of June!

Since this summer is already spinning by so fast I guess I will at least try to focus on a blog update monthly! I have three little people to tend to, so sitting down to blog has been last on my list....and you know what happens to the last thing on your gets put off until tomorrow.  So, warning...lots of pics....if you like lots of pictures you will love this post!

So, here is our June recap....

June is Molly Cate's favorite's her birthday!!! Yea!! I can hardly believe I have a SIX year old! I know I do this all the time...but really? Oh y'all just wait, in August I will be doing the ugly cry when real school starts!!

MS has been begging for a doodle bear...Caroline picked out the perfect gift!

The much waited for Molly!!! (Don't you love her glasses???)

We celebrated MC's big day with a waterside party! Summer birthdays are so fun because of this!!!

The cupcakes were inside a little sand pail with crushed graham crackers on top!

This year she insisted that we not sing to we counted down and just said Happy Birthday! (She does not like the lime light!!)


During MC's birthday week we had VBS at church, but at our church it's not just any VBS...It's Camp Outrageous!! Tons of Fun!!

I also got to enjoy a night out with friends to see Mama Mia!! What a fun girls night...this need to happen more often!! We were all exhausted after a long VBS week, but we had a wonderful time!

The next week the kiddos and I headed south to Mimi and Pop's for some fun!

We went to The Global Wildlife Center in Louisiana for a little field trip.  It was so amazing seeing and feeding so many amazing animals!!  

After the safari we headed to New Orleans for a few beignets!

Poor little Caroline wasn't feeling well!

After our trip Ken came to my parents house and the next morning we headed here.....ALONE! 

30A is a great place to stay...we just LOVE it!

While we were there we got to hang out with my best friend from High School! We had such a great time catching up and talking to her and her husband about their upcoming new arrival!!! 

It was hard to say goodbye to this beautiful view....

We were very excited to get back to see our sweeties....

We also celebrated Father's day and we are so thankful for the daddies in our life!!!

While we were gone this little dude was born....John Brantley!! What a cutie! So happy to have another sweet nephew!

Since being home we have been doing LOTS of this.....

The girls have also hit up cheer camp!

We have had tons of imaginative favorite?? When the girls played "Hosanna"  Grover = Jesus, American Girl Horse = Donkey, random floral department items = palm branches! 

We also had a grand time at the family reunion! Its always nice to visit Sebastapol!! 

We've been doing LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of swimming.  C took swim lessons and is doing really good in the water!

And this little dude.....He drew on the WALL!!

The girls miss having pets, they were thrilled to play with a friends kittens!!

As far a summer treats go...they haven't been lacking...we have even made cookie suckers! How sweet! 

Praying that our July is just as much fun as our June!!

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  1. What a fun June! I loved all your pics and laughed so hard at the "Hosanna" imaginative play. LOL! I love your kids!


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