Friday, March 30, 2012

Zoo with Two

If you have more than one child you may understand the mommy guilt that comes with feeling as though you don't spend enough time with everyone.  This becomes harder with three children, and if you have more than three I'm sure that is even more difficult.  My oldest has school on Wednesdays, so I have two children on that day to keep entertained.  We decided on a zoo trip for the two littles would be a fun thing! It was actually a nice and mostly easy trip to only have two of the three kiddos.  I was able to give Caroline most of the attention, especially since Jack was content to just be strolled! We had a REALLY FUN time!! The highlight was feeding Kenya, the large African giraffe.  

One of Caroline's personality traits is that she moves at her own pace, in her own little world.  I love this grows my patience.  It's easier to deal with this little trait when I am only managing with one other child besides her. I must be truthful and admit this trait is Because of this, she ALWAYS takes time to smell the sweet!

She also had fun showing Jack everything in sight!

The polar bears were out and about, and even swam right up to us after I took this picture...You can imagine the squeals that came next!
See the leaf, that was just about as exciting as seeing the animals! 

Caroline's all time favorite animal at the zoo is the komodo dragon...I know....I'm not sure why she likes this ugly thing, but we can not EVER leave the zoo without visiting it!!

Some mommy Caroline time!

We cooled off with some YUMMY dipping Dots!

This is how Jack felt when we ran out of dots!

I'm so thankful for the time I get to share with each of my children.  My prayer is that I do not take these little moments for granted.  The moments like sniffing the flowers and finding a cool leaf..and even running out of ice cream!! Thank you Lord for the individuality of each of my children!

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