Tuesday, March 13, 2012

4 Down...1 to Go

She is the last one left...the last one the flu has not struck! Praying that she does not get it...because it is nooo fun!

This little epidemic that has struck our house started with this gal.  Although she had a negative flu test, I'm pretty sure she had it.  With a fever for four days and feeling all around yucky...we tried to have as much fun as possible!

This is what Ken thought of the flu when it struck me and him on the same day..I'm pretty sure he was saying "Serenity Now"!

I tried to make myself feel better with some good 'ol Campbell's Chicken noodle soup....

and Gallons of Gatorade!!

After a few hours Ken was feeling better! HA! 

Matching meds...how cute!

I also enjoyed some warm water with honey and lemon...this was actually really yummy and helped a whole lot!

Now this poor little guy has it and I'm praying it gets out of this house quick! We really would like to get out and play during spring break!

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  1. hoping that yucky flu passes through the house quickly. we had it last month and it is NOT fun. better bust out some clorox wipes. after you're all rested up of course.


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