Saturday, April 30, 2011

What boys are made of...

I got a glimpse at the future today as we celebrated sweet Ford's birthday! The theme was tractors...which he adores! Jill had everything set up so cute in John Deere colors, and I could tell Ford was in heaven! 
My girls had a blast too!

Ford was excited about everyone singing to him! Miss Caroline wanted in on blowing out the candles!

I love this little guy! How cute is he???

And I think this little guy is a cutie too....that is Jack...but we do think you are handsome BoomPa!

When I see the following picture I want to sing..."Green Acres....."

Don't be fooled by the following pictures...

Riding in the back of a lawn mower can be fun!! Especially when you get the be the security gate in the back! The kids thought they were really on a tractor!

And this little guy was one pumped dude when he got his very own!!

I realized I have a lot to learn about tractors and cars and trucks and all sorts of boy related items!!

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  1. Jill, you look AMAZING!! Love the pics, Ashley! Jack's hair is precious...and you have a lovely little fam.


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