Friday, February 18, 2011

Baby Steps...

A friend called me this morning and wanted to know if I wanted to go to the zoo.  Although though that sounds like a perfectly normal request, it is just something I am not mentally prepared for yet.  If you have 3+ kids you are probably laughing at me, but taking a 4 1/2 year old, 2 1/2 year old and an almost 3 week old to the zoo makes my head spin.  I know we will get there someday, but it wasn't going to happen today. My friend was sweet to include us, and I know she was thinking it would help my preschool age kids get some much needed fresh air! We did the next best thing (besides playing in the backyard)...we went to the park...and we were able to walk there.....
...well sort of.  My two year old rides her bike like Evil Knievel, so we were all breaking our necks to keep up with her! When she arrived at the park she finally slowed down a minute to capture this pic...

and MC let me take this one....Don't you love their mismatched outfits?? That's what happens when they are responsible for getting themselves dressed. Caroline did have on a Rudolf sweater, but I talked her out of that one.  Getting dressed and actually making it to the park took longer than our whole outing!

The good thing is that we got a change of scenery and got to run and play a little!

My brain was even working well enough to pack snacks for everyone, although I did forget Evil Knievel's bike helmet!

So, one day at a time and one outing at a time!  Eventually, we will make it out in public again!


  1. Come to Mayberry!!! Love the new nickname for Caroline!

  2. I am SO impressed about the park outing...3 wks in with 3 are awesome!

  3. I like your last line Ash. The first half of it was Dr Christian's piece of advice after Elle was born- so simple, but SO true. One day at a time, hang in there- you'll make it!
    Phone date soon?!?!

  4. hey ashley! well, i just realized why i havent seen much of ya! you moved! i fixed that by becoming a follower of your new blog! and a big congratulations on your sweet jack! he is beautiful! i totally understand about the fear of taking everyone out and about! i only have two and i remember feeling that way! actually, i sometimes still do! ha!

  5. hahaha so cute and I love that you said she rode like Evil Knievel! It was good of you to get out, but I could imagine the zoo trip would have to wait. Thanks for the comments and places to stay in Belize. My husband really liked them both and I think they are right up my alley. Will keep you posted!


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