Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thankful on Paper {Week 3}

 Thankful on paper is getting harder week by week.  Not because I do not have anyone to write, but because I have SOOO many people to write! I have come to the realization that I should be doing this each and every week.  This week I choose four special ladies to write.  They spend time with my girls each week and I am just truly sooo thankful to have them! They love on, take care of, feed, play with, and teach my girls so many things.  They are their pre-school teachers!

I used to teach and enjoyed it very much! Spending days with children can be exhausing but exciting.  It is fun to see how they learn and grow.  I am thankful that the ladies my girls spend time with are so loving and caring.  This morning I dropped Sugar off crying, but it did not phase her teacher.  She held her with a smile and I have peace that Sugar will enjoy her day greatly! Spice went right in to her class today with a big smile knowing that it was going to be a fun day! It's show-and-tell day!

Sugar and Ms. Brenda

I can not believe I do not have a picture with Sugar and Ms. Jill....I need to work on that! This beautiful artwork is from open house night!

Spice and Mrs. Bailey

Again...I have no picture of another WONDERFUL teacher...Mrs. Williams!  Here is Spice showing off the calendar area at open house!

Thank you so much Ms. Jill, Ms. Brenda, Mrs. Bailey and Mrs. Williams for loving on our girls and teaching them so many things! We are VERY thankful to you and the love you show them every week! God has blessed us beyond measure to have teachers like you!

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  1. such a blessing to have such a wonderful and trusting relationship with their teachers! so important as they grow!

  2. Such a treasure to have such awesome teachers! Thanks for sharing!
    (i totally need to "thank on paper" every week too!)

  3. I remember when my daughter was little I had teacher crushes on several of her teachers - it's such a happy lovely situation!


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